1. E-mail and let me know that you have recieved the study group.

2. Remove the "Comments" section and comment on everyone's prints. Replace the "comments" section

3. Remove any prints that you may have in the "Removal" section. Reuse the clear plastic folder for your new print.

4. Add your next print to the "Collection" section (with all the paperwork), make sure that you write the name of the print on the inside cover of the "collection" folder. Papers for your new prints can be found in the "Administrative" section. Please fill in paperwork as completely as possible. Draw a diagram on the back if you can.

5. Mail to the next person on the "Current Round" page by the date indicated. Please use "Priority" US mail, Fed Ex, UPS, or Airborne Express. If you use "Priority US mail", the post office supplies tough vinyl envelopes for you to use.

6. E-mail and let me know to who (and when) you mailed the portfolio.

(If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at

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