General Guidelines

1. Study group open to photographers and models.

2. Submitted photographs should be 8X10 color or b&w

3. The study group should be completed and mailed to the next person in 7 days.

4. No pornography. Absolutely no genetalia are to be shown in photos. Offending photos will be removed and mailed back to creator. Let's try to keep this study group to a "PG-13" rating.

5. If you cannot complete study group for any reason, please let me know.

6. Study group should be mailed "Priority Mail", UPS, Fed Ex, Airborne Express, or a similar service.

7. Comments and critiques should be kept positive. If you don't like something explain why in a polite way; offer a way to do it better. Don't forget to point out the things that you like. This should be a positive experience for all!

8. Scanning or copying another person's photographs is prohibited, unless prior permission is given from the owner of the print.


Current Round:
I recieved the study group, now what?:

Joseph Miller
Lebanon, PA

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