My Snazzy List of Links

USA Today: online newspaper
Absolute Playstation: Online magazine dedicated to the Playstation home console system
Our Daily Bread: For Spiritual Growth
Midi Karaoke: Sing along with your computer..
AISP Midi Might: Midi songs and sound files
Learn Learn to do almost anything....
The Net Magazine: A great net magazine
The Straight Dope: Page for Cecil Adams, syndicated columnist, one of the world's smartest inhabitants
Eachmovie: You rate movies and the page predicts how you will like movies you haven't seen yet
Movie Critic: Rate movies and the page recommends movies it thinks you would like
Farmer's Almanac:
Disinformation: News from a slightly different angle....
Dr. Bukk: Get custom made fake teeth that are really gross.

Feel free to send me pages you think should be included on this page.

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