My interest in photography started about 12 years ago, 
when my wife bought me a Kodak Disc camera for my birthday. 
I discoverd that I really enjoyed taking photographs, and 
that I had a natural ability.
  Soon after I bought a Minolta X-370 (which I still use 
today) and started taking some college courses in 
  It was about that time that I thought about pursuing 
photography as a career.  A high-school aquaintance, Bob 
Howard (CPP, Master Photographer), took me under his wing 
and started teaching me about the craft.
  After 3 years of Bob's teaching, he convinced me to try 
to get my Certified degree from PPA.  It was NOT easy.  It 
took me the better part of 1 and 1/2 years to finally earn 
my degree.  I have a newfound respect for those who have 
earned their degree, and more for those who have expanded 
beyond it by earning their "Masters" or "Fellowship" 
  Currently I am working for Bob on a part-time basis and 
doing about 90% of his b&w darkroom work.  Hopefully the 
market will expand to the point where I can work for Bob 

Joseph Miller
Lebanon, PA

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